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Allergy-free baby food with an increased risk of allergies Using Humana HA 1: Humana HA 1is the hypoallergenic baby food for babies with an increased risk of allergies, which can be used immediately after birth: - as the exclusive food, if you are not breastfeeding - as a supplement to breast-feeding - in combination with breast-feeding or other hypoallergenic baby milk


Humana AC is a special formula for the dietary management of functional gastrointestinal disorders including infant colic or functional constipation. lipomilk logo

        • From birth onwards
        • Controlled quality in Germany
        • 1 pack = 22 bottles à 100 ml
        • YouTube Link


For the nutritional management of allergy to cow's milk protein in infants. YouTube Link


Specialized treatment of reductions and infant gastroesophageal reflux New improved composition - with carefully selected ingredients Humana AR EXPERT is suitable for the treatment of reductions and infant gastroesophageal reflux, as an exclusive diet for infants from birth onwards and as a dietary supplement after 6 months YouTube Link


Infants have increased fluid needs and special attention should be paid when symptoms of diarrhea occur. So, if the baby develops diarrhea, it would be wise to seek the advice of the pediatrician. In this case, a special nutrition program is necessary, which supports with its ingredients the recovery process of your baby – from the immediate need to recover fluids to the careful absorption of food.